What do people say about My Good Life™?

"It is a wonderful programme that supports a reboot for healthy living. I loved it. It’s a personalised programme that’s tailored to what your body needs but covers well-being in a holistic way. Each week the coaches cover different topics from what body type is to what is your optimum food, exercise and lifestyle patterns for your own unique self. It also covers emotional, mental well-being, relaxation and showcases different exercise styles that you can try out. Specialists in different fields are invited in as guest speakers. Breathing works, nutritionists, yoga and tai chi plus heaps more. I especially found Morella’s coaching on personal blocks and how it can impede your health really useful.The course takes place in a stunning high beamed ceiling rustic barn in a rural setting with the background of the upper harbour, it’s so relaxing. I also loved our group, you soon get to know and trust each other. You are encouraged to share some pretty powerful stuff but you go at your own pace, there is no pressure if you don’t want to participate in really vulnerable stuff. If you do choose to our group and the coaches were so supportive and are there to quite you especially if you are uncovering some unhelpful negative belief patterns. It really is life transforming. "
Kelli Booth
“I’ll be forever grateful to Morella and Amy for introducing me to the PH360 program and for helping me on my journey of self-discovery. More often than not, we are our own worst critics, and this program has helped me to better understand why I do the things that I do, and it gave me the ability to re-evaluate my limiting ‘stories’ and beliefs. I also learnt to understand why we are each so different, by understanding the different body types it makes it a little easier to understand others too. This knowledge has enabled me to become a more compassionate therapist, mother, wife and friend. Morella and Amy are fantastic in the way they lead the program, I always felt safe and welcome. The Mindshift sessions were invaluable, it challenged me to delve deeper and look at my past and current stories from a different perspective. Accepting ‘me’ for who I am, has enabled me to stop judging/blaming and criticising myself, I no longer need to compare myself to others and find myself lacking. I am grateful for who I am and what I have to offer those around me – it’s not always easy, but the mindfulness and meditation tools we learnt, help to manage those times of stress. The variety of exercises we were introduced to was novel and peaked my interest in things I may have previously glossed over or thought that I wouldn’t be capable of doing. I am not a gym fan (mostly due to my old pattern of thinking), but there are so many other options out there that create movement with joy – and that is what our body’s need, movement that brings joy because the cascade of feel good hormones is what will encourage you to go again! What I have taken away from this program is a more positive mindset into who I am. In being able to understand myself better, I am more compassionate and courageous with myself and therefore better able to create boundaries that serve me. Self-understanding leads to self-love, and with that, more compassion and understanding of others without judgement. I am clearer on what I want to achieve in life, where and in what environment I want to work and play. To be a happy and healthy individual requires a 360 degree perspective – body, mind and soul! My journey is by no means over, but I have the tools to help me on my way – thank you Morella and Amy.”
Debbie Harvey
“Weight gain has been a recurring issue for me since my late teens and despite trying super hard through a number of strategies I was still struggling with it in my mid forties. To the point where my body felt a bit like my enemy! Participating in the My Good Life programme and using the ph360 platform have changed this dramatically - I now understand exactly what my body needs and what it reacts to (positively and negatively) not only in terms of food and exercise but even more importantly the right lifestyle conditions for me to be able to lose weight effortlessly and without feeling deprived. Within the first 2 months, without feeling any sense of deprivation or any negative feelings I have managed to lose 4.5kg. And to me it's not that number that matters the most it's how enjoyable that journey has been and how sustainable it feels. I am confident that I will keep losing weight slowly but surely over the next few weeks and months and maintain that weight without feeling like I have to be on an extreme diet and kill myself doing exercises I don't enjoy.”
Maurine Talpin
"I'd been seeing Morella to see if my mind was contributing to my continued physical un-wellness. In the second session she introduced the ph360 concept to me, and something just clicked. I read up about it, discovered I was likely a Diplomat and suddenly life made more sense - there was a reason I do things and think the way I do! For the first time, I felt like I was giving myself permission to be me. I found myself for the first time in my life describing myself as an awkward anxious person. I'd always been shy but I'd managed to push myself out of my comfort zone in the past. Morella advised me that my overall journey would benefit from a programme (My Good Life) where I shared my experiences with a group of like-minded people. She gently suggested that my ongoing health issues and painful loss had isolated me away from people, and she was right. It was easier for me not to put myself out there, to use the excuse of my ongoing health issues to shy away from people. So I signed up for the 9 week course. I went primarily because I wanted to learn more about the ph360 lifestyle - mainly for the insight it could give me into my mental healing. I knew there would be a portion of exercise and group activities as well, the thought of which exhausted me, but I was prepared to give it a go. I went into the first session feeling incredibly awkward but with enough understanding of myself as a Diplomat to know that taking longer to process things is normal.I met other Diplomats in the 2nd session, and we validated each other's need for time and space - we were normal and not alone! Over the 9 weeks we shared our stories in a safe space - it was at times incredibly heart-wrenching, many times incredibly hilarious. My own journey on the course was startlingly confronting - crying in front of a group of relative strangers when I hadn't cried alone in over a year felt very awkward! But through Morella and Amy's gentle guidance, I developed a deeper understanding of what makes myself tick - why I do things the way I do. But more importantly, insight into other people and why they act the way they do. I no longer blame myself for other people's actions - I can only control how I respond in a situation. Everyone has their own history and many of us are struggling with negative internal voices. One of my first challenges was to change my internal voice from one of overly-critical to one of kindness. By doing this I not only have more compassion for myself, but understanding of other people.At the end of 9 weeks I was still feeling exhaustion but I was mentally much lighter. And most importantly, I gave myself permission to be exhausted - my journey is still ongoing, it doesn't stop after 9 weeks.I can't compare my experience to anyone else's, so when I sat out of the last physical activity, rather than thinking I needed to step up and not let everyone down as I'd done in other weeks, I gave myself permission to rest and not blame myself. I think of everything, that's the biggest thing I learnt through My Good Life - how to be ok being me, how to celebrate and reconnect with myself. I also met some wonderful people who made me see that we all have trauma but that we're all connected. Incidentally, I discovered I'm a Diplomat Connector, so shying away from people is detrimental to my health - I need to have a balance between alone time to process and people time to regenerate my energy! Going forward I have made the decision to relocate out of the big city.  I see clearly that my Diplomat need for wide open space and more time in my day is one of the most important things I can do for myself and in turn for my family. On the last day we had to design a poster that showed where we wanted to go after this - mine was a wide open outdoor space, water and trees, with the words: "Life is for living today". I want to enjoy life, and I now know what my body, mind and soul need to achieve it. Thank you Morella and Amy for guiding me on such a personal journey. The lessons learned in the Little Barn will stay with me for the rest of my life and allow me to be the fantastic Diplomat Connector that I am! XX"
“I found the different body types extremely useful. I have a deeper understanding of myself and my limitations as at times being a Connector means I put myself last. Food recommendations are great. Amy has been wonderful with her knowledge, support txts, reminders and emails. I loved connecting with a great group and felt held and cared for. The MindShift sessions have been fantastic, I have had several “aha moments”. Morella is an excellent teacher and brings some wonderful models and experience to these sessions. I enjoyed all group movement sessions, with the highlight being Zumba. I also enjoyed the gym, dance and walk in the forest. This experience encouraged me to enrol in an 8 week yoga class. I have really loved the programme and feel very privileged to have attended.”
“Eye opening! Definitely some changes need to be made to my environment/food/lifestyle that make perfect sense. The MindShift sessions allowed me to see a new way of dealing with life situations and people in my life. I really enjoyed experiencing different movements and discovered that the gym/dance is something I would like to add to my life. The highlights of the programme were the people and their stories, our group connection and our dynamic presenters.”
“The Ph360 platform was good, the best part for me was how it described my personality. The group movement sessions were great, it was amazing to so all sorts of different exercises. The highlights of the programme were the group vibe, learning about gratitude and listening to everyone’s stories because I could pick up so many useful tips from it”.
“What a wonderful course- where healing needs to be: soul, mind, body. It is inspirational and needs to be out in the world. The Ph360 platform was great and aligned with my genetic test, so I am super impressed. Amy was very supportive, kind, empathetic and knowledgeable. The MindShift sessions were right up my alley, and reminded me to get off my story and recreate beliefs. It’s fascinating how our stories direct our lives. I am hugely impressed by Morella’s knowledge and intuitive skills to hone in to what the essence of a person. It was wonderful to have a sample of different ways of moving. Everything was positive…the connection, the knowledge, the safe place. “
“I have enjoyed this course from day 1. Great group of people and brought me out of my comfort zone. Ph360 brought me clarity as to what percentage of veggies I am meant to have in my diet. The platform is very easy to follow and informative. The MindShift sessions made me realise I have the ability to change and that I need to take care of myself in order to take care of my family who are without a doubt the best and first reason for my being. I loved the group movement sessions, everything about them. I am now feeling well, calmer, have a broader mind and have a sense of commitment. It was a great group of people and we had fabulous facilitators.”
“This course was absolutely life changing. Thank you so much for your insight and your support, I have come away with a great understanding of why I do the things I do and skills to change unwanted habits. Ph360 was interesting and spot on in some areas. The MindShift sessions blew me away. I had no idea how the patterns of my life were all connected till these session. I loved getting out of my comfort zone in the group movement sessions which gave me a chance to move and not be taken seriously. The programme had the right group number, fantastic location/facilities, 2 facilitators who are passionate about changing the world.”

Will this programme have long lasting effects?

We reunited a group of My Good Life participants 1 month after completing the programme and asked them:

Compared to before you started the My Goof Life Programme, how would you rate your…

  • Mental clarity, focus and mood- 100% rated it as better or much better
  • Social satisfaction- 85% rated it as better or much better
  • General health- 71% rated it as better or much better
  • Energy level- 71% rated it as better or much better
  • Physical activity- 71% rated it as better or much better
  • Sleep- 71% rated it as better or much better
  • Stress- 71% rated it as better or much better

And these were some of their comments about what they attributed any changes to:

“My ability to set boundaries, and not do too much that causes stress for me. I am eating better and sleeping better. I feel lighter and I genuinely feel happier.”

“I am now aware that I can only do so much so my stress levels have dropped. I have definitely changed my diet. I think about myself and my husband first. I put parameters in place but keep them within reach so that failing is not an option.”

“I attribute my drop in stress levels to beginning correcting my diet, yoga classes and waking more. I am more aware as a Connector how important connecting with people is to my emotional health, being heard and having a voice. My energy is better, less stressed, I am exercising more, aware of how connecting affects me, better nutrition. I have lost weight.”

“My focus is back on the outdoors and the power of a positive mindset.”

“I am grateful and in the moment, calmer and less scared of life.”

“I feel more connected to people. It’s a great programme. It’s nice to be in a group that you can discuss anything plus it’s so meaningful. It’s fantastic to share information and to be able to support people if they are open to it.”