Is your health in need of a kick start?

You might be struggling to shed that excess weight, have realised that your general health is suffering from lack of exercise or chronic stress or have been diagnosed with a nasty health condition.

You know the time to make some profound changes to your lifestyle is well overdue, and yet, you are finding it so hard to kick the old habits away!

The good news is, My Good Life™ is here to help.

What is My Good Life™?

My Good Life™ is a holistic lifestyle programme that entails a total of 9 weeks x 4 hours per week of personalised health education, group activities and self-discovery exercises.

It is based on sound medical research showing that intensive lifestyle change programmes that include nutrition, exercise, stress relief within a community setting have been successful in reversing ill health. We use the ph360 personalised health platform (see below), a cutting edge scientific database that offers personalised health recommendations for each person. We also have a strong focus on the influence of emotions and thoughts over the body’s function.

We see health as a building with eight pillars: nutrition, movement, rest and sleep, soul food (what makes your heart sing?), connection to others, the plenitude that comes from appreciating life, as well as a sense of purpose and contribution. The programme includes nutrition, different movement experiences and mindset coaching to achieve the sustainable, long term lifestyle changes shown to improve health.

What can you expect from each weekly session?

First of all, we will give you an overview of the Personalised Health ph360 platform and assess your individual body type. Once we enter your details into the system, you will have access to amazing insights. After that, each weekly session will entail:

Ph360 Personalised Health Coaching. Based on your individual profile, you will learn what foods are best to optimise your health, what forms of movement and what time of day is best to move/sleep/work and play. You will learn what habits can help your brain works at its best, what environments you thrive in and what sort of relationships and activities are best suited to your talents. We will support you in making the lifestyle shifts necessary to optimise your health. See below for more information on ph360.

MindShift Sessions. Stress, self-sabotage, do you feel like your mind gets in your way? In these sessions your will learn the mental tools your need to control your thoughts and emotions: stress modifying strategies, emotional mastery, overcoming emotional eating patterns, sustainable habit forming techniques, and self expression within the support of the group.

Trouve Experiences. Trouve stands for ‘try new moves”. Explore a variety of movement and rest options within the camaraderie of the group… yoga, a walk in the forest, pilates, a gym session, etc. Exercise doesn’t need to be gruelling or boring. Discover how to get your body moving in a way that is fun for you!

The Group, of course! During this experience your will find a sense of connection, purpose and contribution within your group of peers. These new friends will become  your support in this journey of transformation.

What is personalised health ph360™?

We are all unique. We enjoy and thrive on different foods, exercise modalities, daily cycles, mental activities and social connections. 

We start the programme by giving you access to ph360, the first-ever lifestyle program that gives you scientifically-proven insights into what’s good for your health and happiness according to your specific body type.